Workshops & Seminars

Growing numbers of companies recognise the enormous value of encouraging wellness amongst staff at all levels throughout their business.     

The whole purpose of Health in Check workshops and seminars is to spread the positive health message, conveniently within the workplace, for our corporate clients throughout London and the South East. 

Our flexible educational sessions are ideally suited to reach out to small groups or much larger gatherings and are run in a fun and informative way by our fully qualified medical practitioners. 

We can design workshops and seminars that cover specific subjects such as:

  • Nutrition  
  • Exercising and keeping fit  
  • Managing weight   
  • Giving up smoking  
  • General good health guidelines  

We like to encourage a Q&A format within our health education programmes, but should anyone want to have a more private consultation, we always make time to speak individually.

Recommending basic steps to stay healthy can be enlightening and, in our experience, makes a valuable contribution to maintaining and improving staff morale.  

To achieve the best results from our work-based healthcare workshops and seminars, we suggest return visits throughout the course of each calendar year to monitor progress. 

If you would like to arrange a cost effective Health in Check Workshop or Seminar for your company, contact our Registered Nurse and Specialist in Public Health, Abigail Morakinyo, on 07568 578580.


To educate, inform and empower people to take care of their health. To offer a mobile service that builds health awareness at people’s place of work. Values are the bedrock of exceptional performance and our three keys to success are:


We pride ourselves on acting with integrity at all times.


We are not here to judge. Only to provide you with up to date advice and help you live a more qualitative life.


We are passionate and very happy about what we do and about our clients and their employees.