The cost of NOT investing in your health

March 6, 2018

A major study carried out found that Britain has fallen way behind many western countries on progress in managing preventable diseases.

One of the five biggest killers and increasingly common is cancer. It is estimated that by 2030 three million people in England will have had some form of cancer.

Without a doubt, more awareness needs to be created and necessary screenings made available. However, the onus remains on the individual to seek the right information and invest in their health. What is more costly preventing ill health or treating it?

It is not only the sufferer of cancer, for instance, that suffers but the family at large. You see ill health not only impacts an individual but can also be a strain on their partner or relations- be it financially or emotionally. So in that respect we can't really not afford to take our health in our own hands, even if it means investing in health checks.

Now although a lot of work is being done to improve outcomes for some of the common cancers, the UK still remains behind in terms of cancer survival rate.

According to Cancer Research UK part of the problem is unhealthy lifestyles. It is estimated that about a third of cancers are caused by poor diet, alcohol, obesity and smoking.

The screening tools available for certain cancers like breast and cervical cancer will only prove to be useful if there is a better understanding and awareness of symptoms.

If you have had time to read this blog then I urge you to take a further 8 minutes to follow the link below and watch the brief video explaining how cancer can be prevented quite easily.

You could be saving yourself and indeed a loved one from a lot of stress and heartache.

Information + Action = Results

Thank you for reading!

Abi Morakinyo

Health & Lifestyle Consultant - | 07568578580

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