Mini Health Checks & Home Visits

Conducting regular, basic health screening on your premises is a preventative and worthwhile service that can help employees stay healthy.

Health in Check specialises in providing regular and efficient mini health checks for companies across London and the South East.

We fully appreciate how difficult it is for staff to take time off work to visit the GP – and that’s if they can even get an appointment. By providing personalised screening sessions at work, we can help alleviate disruption to the work pattern.  

Our fully qualified nurses we’ll screen as many of your employees during one visit as practical, but the service works best where we establish a regular “drop in clinic” so that no one misses out.  

Usually, a small room is set aside for our equipment, from where we provide a series of individual appointments for staff members. This might be during a lunch hour, or at a specific time to suit, to ensure minimal or no disruption to the working day.

During each individual consultation we will assess: 

  • Height/Weight (Body Mass Index) 
  • Blood Pressure/Heart and Pulse Rate 
  • Cholesterol Levels 
  • Diabetes 
  • Lung Function

The results are available straightaway – no one need wait around before being informed. 

Should there be any suggestions of abnormality in any of the readings, then we would recommend that you seek further medical advice and we will provide you with a covering letter to take to your GP for further assessment. 

Our aim is to highlight potential issues before they become serious.

If you’d like to discuss how our flexible, mobile Health in Check clinic can be made available at your workplace, call our Registered Nurse and Specialist in Public Health,  Abigail Morakinyo, on 07568 578580.  

Home Visits

Whilst the majority of the consultations we carry out take place at work, we are taking on an increasing number of private visits within the home. 

This does suit certain individuals who may wish to consult with our trained staff privately, away from the office environment.    

If you would prefer to be seen in your own home – at a time to suit – then please contact us to arrange an appointment. 


To educate, inform and empower people to take care of their health. To offer a mobile service that builds health awareness at people’s place of work. Values are the bedrock of exceptional performance and our three keys to success are:


We pride ourselves on acting with integrity at all times.


We are not here to judge. Only to provide you with up to date advice and help you live a more qualitative life.


We are passionate and very happy about what we do and about our clients and their employees.