About Us

Health in Check is a leading provider of health and wellness programmes, working alongside companies throughout London and the South East of England, who appreciate the value of continued good health and wellbeing amongst their employees.

Our passion is to educate, inform and empower busy people within the workplace so that they stay healthy. This is achieved via our flexible range of mobile clinics, workshops and seminar programmes which we can tailor specifically to the needs of your business.   

Whether your staff work in an office or on a building site, in fact in any work environment, Health in Check can offer a bespoke service which is suitable for multi-national sized companies through to those employing less than 10 people. 

The Company was established by Registered Nurse and Specialist in Public Health, Abigail Morakinyo, after many years of healthcare experience gained both in the NHS and in private practice in Harley Street.

Today, we have a team of highly trained healthcare professionals – qualified nurses and specialist occupational health practitioners - who are on hand to help your workforce take sensible steps to look after the most precious commodity they have – their health.  

Typically, we liaise closely with HR managers and HR departments to organise health and wellness sessions, advising on a range of health-related subjects and providing on-site check- ups, as required.   

In an age where we are all rushed off our feet, where the pressures of work are greater than ever and it’s sometimes difficult to strike a sensible work/life balance, let alone find time to visit your GP, Health in Check can be there to provide frontline guidance and support.  

If you’d like to offer your staff the opportunity to benefit from a Health In Check on-site medical assessment or our advisory services, then call Abigail Morakinyo, on 07568 578580. 

Abigail Morakinyo has also been shortlisted for the 'Mum and Working' Award and has reached the final.


To educate, inform and empower people to take care of their health. To offer a mobile service that builds health awareness at people’s place of work. Values are the bedrock of exceptional performance and our three keys to success are:


We pride ourselves on acting with integrity at all times.


We are not here to judge. Only to provide you with up to date advice and help you live a more qualitative life.


We are passionate and very happy about what we do and about our clients and their employees.